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Last updated 7/20/18
We are happy to accept your reservations for Grasse Acres kids anytime!
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Grasse Acres CRH  Leda

Blue eyes

DOB 4/21/18

Sale pending

Leda is a very sweet and friendly little doe with a lot of potential as a heavy milker.  She is a first freshener and had a single buck this year.  She has a nice size udder with very soft texture and produced a surprising amount of milk for only being milked once a day .  On her last milk test 10 weeks in milk her butterfat was over 8%!   She also has nice milk stand manners.  $375


Grasse Acres POG Blue Topaz

DOB 3/13/18

Blue eyes


Topaz is a beautiful  first freshener doe who kidded with a single buckling this year.  Her dam, Grasse Acres Jamaican Breeze kidded with twins last year.  I retained both sisters (Topaz and Coral)  with the intention of only keeping one.  So….Coral will stay here and Topaz will go home with a new family:(    I will sure miss her as she has such a wonderful temperament.    $375










Contact me for availability.  I will have some available soon.