Castle Rock JL Circe

DOB 4/6/16


Sire: Camanna OMF Jimsyn Weed
SS: Old Moutain Farm Frankincense
SSS: Old Mountain Farm Mithra +B
SSD: Old Mountain Farm Nilam Bukit 2*M
SD:  CH Camanna CT Jocelyn (89 VVVE)
SDS: Tahoma Citation
SDD: AGS OTR Juniper’s Guinevere

Dam: CH Castle Rock Leucosia
DS: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B
DSS: Castle Rock Tanzanite +*B
DSD: AGS CRF  SGCH Castle Rock Alum Root 1*M  (91 VEEE)
DD: GCH CRF Castle Rock Siren Song 3*M
DDS: AGS Dragonfly Odysseus
DDD: AGS Castle Rock Sky Lupine 2*M 

Sarah Hawkins of Castle Rock Farm announced on her FB page, ” At the REDGA Memorial Show in May, Castle Rock Leucosia (SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B x GCH Castle Rock Siren Song 3*D VEEE 90) won her two unrestricted legs and a BOB for her permanent championship. We’re so proud of how this doe turned out, and still tickled that she won her junior Best In Show completely unclipped. She’s a very long bodied doe and has a capacious udder that could make us regret taking a break from DHIA this year.”  I am certainly looking forward to seeing how her daughter Circe (pronounced “Sir See”) turns out.  I love what I see so far.  This is her baby photo .  A more recent photo of her will be posted in the summer when we clip for ADGA herd appraisals. Thank you to Sarah of Castle Rock Farm for allowing me to use the photos on Circe’s page


Circe’s dam, Castle Rock Leucosia


Circe’s sire, Camanna OMF Jimsyn Weed

Circe’s dam’s udder






 Shere Country LS Intrigue (Trig)

DOB 3/19/16

Sire:   Dill’s XM Lonestar *B
SS:  MI Sugarcreek TW Tune’s XM +*B
SSS: MI Sugarcreek NT Tight Wad *B 
SSD: GCH Sugar Creeks PT Show Tunes 1*M (91 EEEE)
SD: SG Dill’s LD Remember  3*M 
SDS: Twin Creeks LS Luck Of The Draw
SDD: Gay-Mor’s LR Kitty’s Meow 2*M

Dam:  Dill’s RD Conundrum (3rd place Senior Kid at the 2013 ADGA National Show!)
DS:  NC Promisedland MS River Dance +*B
DSS: NC {Promisedland Mean Streak *B)
DSD: SGCH NC Promisedland PAL Macarena 5*M (91 VEEE)
DD: SG  AGS Dill’s KJ Misstery 1*M (VEEE)
DDS: Dill’s AC Katzenjammer
DDD: Flat Rocks Get A Clue

Dill's Lonestar *B

Dill’s XM  Lonestar


Dill’s Conundrum


Conundrum’s udder






Grasse Acres JP Mimosa


DOB 4/6/2017 

Sire: Olson Acres CCC Jackpot *B
SS: Cuatlilredbarn Count Chocula
SSS: CU At Lil’ Red Barn Fizzel
SSD: GCH Jasper’s Harem JB Coco Puff 2*M
SD: GCH Wood Bridge Too Fancy 1*M (90 VEEE)
SDS: GCH Rosasharn UMT Pippin +*B (86 VVE)
SDD: CH Woodbridge Farm Well Honeybun 90 EVEE

Dam: SG Dill’s TS Double Bourbon On Ice
DS: Dill’s D Two-Step +*B
DSS: AGS Dill’s LD Derringer +B
DSD: SGCH NC Promisedland PAZ Macarena 5*M
DD SGCH NC Promiseland RB Moonshine 2*M
DDS: SG NC Promiseland RamBeau +*B
DDD: SGCH AGS Promisedland Good Day Sunshine 1*M

Olson Acres CCC Jackpot *B

Mimosa’s dam

Mimosa’s dam’s udder


Grasse Acres POG Summer Storm

Blue eyes

DOB 3/12/17

Sire: Caprakoza LLGD Plenty Of Gem *B
SS: Caprakoza BT Lapis Lazuli *B
SSS: Flat Rocks Blue Topaz +B
SSD: GCH Flat Rocks Voodoo Princess 1*M
SD: AR Rosasharn BT Good-n-Plenty 6*M 6*DAR
SDS: Rosasharn TL Bully Hill
SDD: Rosasharn Tom’s Bit-O-Honey 4*M 4*D

Dam: Shere Country MP Sandstorm
DS: TX Twincreeks Megapixel *S ‘E 90’
DSS: CH/MCH Pecanhollow Willy’s Dance Fever *S
DSD: MCH/GCH Twincreeks Madamebutterfly 2*D,1*M
DD: MI Sugarcreek VL Windstorm 3*M, *D
DDS : MI Sugarcreek NT Valor *B, *S
DDD: GCH Sugar Creek ST Tumble Weed 2*M

Summer Storm’s sire

Summer Storm’s dam

Sandstorm’s udder







Grasse Acres A Fern

DOB  4/4/17

Sire:  Castle Rock Aufeis *B
SS: Castle Rock Chicago Peace +B
SSS: Copper Penny ROF Calico Jack
SSD: GCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Tuscan Sun 2*M (90 VEEE)
SD: SG Castle Rock Brinicle 2*M (88 VEVV)
SDS: CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++*B
SDD: SGCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M  (91 VEEE)

Dam: Deb’s Whisper Wood Flora
DS: Shere Country UFO Camelot
DSS: Rosasharn TL Unforgettable Man *B (89 VEE)
DSD: Shere Country MP Bali Ha’I
DD: Tontos Barn STV Reeses Puffs
DDS: CH AGS Sugar Creek’s PG Steven Seagal (90 EEE)
DDD: AGS Swanson Domain Reeses Cup Blu

Fern’s sire

Fern’s dam






Rosasharn WS Citrus Sangria

DOB 2/21/17

Sire:  Rosasharn PLW Will Shakespeare *B
SS : Rosasharn Prince Lilteningwhelk *’B
SSS: Rosasharn AX Whelk *B
SSD: GCH Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 5*M 5*D
SD: Rosasharn Sonnet 5*M  LA 90 EVEV
SDS: Rosasharn BB Son of Honey +*B
SDD: ARMCH SG Rosasharn  P Haiku 4*M 5*D

Dam:  Rosasharn GX Shiraz 5*M
DS: AGS Rosasharn’s TL Galaxy ++*B  *S (LA 90 EEE)
DSS: ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L ++B  ++*S
DSD: ARMCH SG Rosasharn Eclipse 2 *M 2*D
DD: Rosasharn SW Sake 4*M
DSS: AGS   Doe-Sy-Doe’s FS Storm Warning
DSD: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Unagi  3*M 4*D

Sangria’s dam

Sangria’s sire

Shiraz’s udder