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Click on the link on the bottom of this page to learn more about us.  We were so proud to be featured in an article in our local paper, Peninsula Pulse in 2015 entitled , “From A Hobby To A Lifestyle: Grasse Acres Goat Farm”

Grasse Acres Sunflowers

Our family, in addition to the critters, includes my husband, Don, and my three sons, Dane, Bret, and Cole. We began our hobby farm in 1997 because we believe animals teach young children many wonderful life lessons and it’s an activity the entire family can enjoy. Now that our boys are grown and on their own, our goals for our farm have evolved into a working dairy farm.  We are dedicated to raising our own food as organically as possible and use our goat milk to produce all those wonderful products such as cheese, yogurt and soaps.  We selectively breed to produce goats who excel in dairy quality and will do well in the show ring as well.

We have enjoyed showing our goats in past years but due to conflicts in timing and location, we have not been able to make it to the shows lately.  Even though my goats are no longer shown, they are show quality (some champion bloodlines) and after selectively breeding for so many years, I am confident in the kids they produce. I also emphasize excellence in temperament ( kids, dams and bucks are given lots of TLC too).

Don and I , both retired teachers, have enjoyed building a new life on our 15 acre farm.  If you look at the farm photo page, you will see some of our projects.  Along with our treasured goat herd, we also raise a variety of birds, maintain a vineyard (with both wine and table grapes) and plant a large garden to feed our animals and ourselves (my favorite being the sunflower field).  Don is also a Charter Fishing Captain out of Gills Rock in the summers while I tend to the animals. If you’re interested in King Salmon fishing, you can get more info on that on We have often had fun showing our herd to his clients at the end of their fishing trip.

I believe the Nigerian Dwarf goats are treasures.  Their small size, wonderful temperaments and sweet milk make them the perfect choice for people who want a great addition to their farm as pets and producers  and I’m happy to provide responsible breeding practices for those who choose to make my babies a part of their lives.

Take time to smell the flowers.



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