Lynne with her goats

Selectively breeding quality Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats since 1997.

We raise our Nigerian Dwarf goats for excellence in dairy quality, conformation and temperament.

Why choose Grasse Acres?

-CAE and Johnes free! No CL abscesses have ever existed in our herd. Whole herd testing done annually.
 *2016 whole herd testing for CAE and Johnes are all negative again!  
* 2015 whole herd testing for CAE and Johnes are negative
Testing done for CL, TB and Brucellosis all negative
-All necessary immunizations provided
-Disbudding and neutering on site
-Routine herbal worming, hoof trimming and grooming
-Rotational pasture raised with grass mix/alfalfa hay supplemented
-Farm grown quality hay,  farm raised blended grain concentrate and vitamin supplements (including free choice kelp, selenium, and loose minerals)
-Dam raised but daily TLC given to socialize (bottle fed on request)
-Clean environment (including playgrounds)
-ADGA herd appraisals done (scores available through ADGA)
-Mentoring offered to new goat owners.  It is important that all customers are happy with their new kids and that they receive the best of care after leaving our farm.

Our mission is to provide an environment and breeding program to produce top quality Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. We are firm believers in preventative care and raise our own (chemical free) grains and hay.

Member of ADGA, AGS, NDGA  

 This year we will be on DHIR milk test with ADGA!  Results will be posted as soon as we get them!

News in 2015…

As of June 2015, Grasse Acres is a Wisconsin licensed mini-caprine dairy farm!      Milk is sold to the Door County Creamery in Sister Bay, WI     

BB and PFuture milk producers

Congratulations to Susan Kuha of Able Valley Farm!  Her buck, Grasse Acres Elvis, became a finished champion this year, 2015!!!!  His record stands at 3 grands, 5 reserves, 1 best of breed and 1 best of show!

Elvis 2012 June show

ADGA Linear Appraisal was completed on July 30, 2015.  We are very proud of our goats and were very happy with the knowledge and professionalism of our appraiser. We especially appreciated the time she spent with us giving feedback and answering questions! See the More About Goats page on this website to see information regarding understanding linear appraisal scores.


  We are so excited for 2015 which brings us new breeding stock from Dill’s A Little Goat Farm!  We consistently strive to maintain and build our herd to improve excellence in the milk pail!   

Dill’s B&R Dunn

DOB 12/3/2014
                                                       Dill's B&R Dunn

Sire:  Dill’s  RD  Big  &  Rich  *B
Dam:  MCH/GCH  Dill’s  FH  Doo  Wop  5  *D/*M
Dill's FH Doo Wop 5 Dill's FH Doo Wop 5
MCH/GCH   Dill’s   FH   Doo   Wop  5  *D/*M
Member of Dill’s ADGA National 4th Place Dairy Herd
Member of 2010 ADGA National 3rd place Best Three Senior Does of 23
    2012 Silver Ju Ju Award      
 ANDDA Reserve All American 4 Year Old

Ellen Dill commented on Dunn’s sire, Dill’s RD Big & Rich *B, “There’s no doubt in my mind that this  young man is a cross between two does that are absolutely the BEST to ever walk through this herd. His dam and sire’s dam were two of the first Nigerians to earn their Superior Genetics designations.  His dam SGCH Dill’s XM Keena 4*M is the 2013 Reserve National Champion Nigerian Dwarf and is listed on the USDA’s Elite Doe list.  His sire’s dam SGCH NC PromisedLand PAL Macarena 5*M was 1st place, 1st udder at two ADGA National shows as a 2 and 4 year old.”

This statement is from a post by Ellen Dorsey from Dill’s A Little Goat Farm…our buck Dill’s Ronnie Dunn *B and Dill’s Double Bourbon On Ice are out of these lines!  Very happy and proud to have them in our breeding program!

…a Nigerian that produces 787 pounds of milk is eqivalent to a 3001 pound Alpine. I’m going to round it up to 800 pounds and highlight the does in my herd that produced 800 pounds or more in their 2015 lactation.
MCH/GCH Dill’s FH Doo Wop 5*D/*M (20 1/2″ Tall) 8-09 324 844 53 36
SGCH/MCH Dill’s XM Keena 4*M (21″ Tall) 6-11 281 1008 76 49
SGCH NC PromisedLand RB Moonshine 2*M (21 3/4″) 6-05 298 1054 65 51u

A big thank you to Ellen Dill for allowing us to purchase this outstanding new herd sire, Dill’s B & R Dunn*B and Dill’s Double Bourbon On Ice  and the courtesy to use the photos from her website!   


Dill’s Double Bourbon On Ice

Dam: SGCH NC PromisedLand RB Moonshine 2*M 91 EEEE

*Moonshine scored an excellent in rump measuring 6 and 1/2 ” across and excellent in back. This is an exceptional score for a Nigerian Dwarf doe.