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Selectively breeding quality registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats since 1997. 

Celebrating 20 + years of life with goats!!!

We raise our Nigerian Dwarf goats for excellence in dairy quality, conformation and temperament.

Why choose Grasse Acres?

-We are a Wisconsin state licensed mini-caprine dairy farm! What this means for you is when you purchase your kids for dairy stock, they come from milkers who have been selectively bred to produce milk.

-We are on  DHIR milk test so you are given proof of the performance of each doe in the milk pail.  Since we are determined to stay small in numbers, only does who are considered good milkers are retained. Because I choose to dam raise kids, the amount of milk shown on the test is less than if I bottle fed kids but I feel it’s worth the sacrifice. I also chose to milk once a day which also is reflected in pounds of milk shown on my milk test records.  

-CAE and Johnes free! No CL abscesses have ever existed in our herd. Whole herd testing done annually. We have also had occasional CL, Brucellosis and TB testing done on request, always with negative results.                                                                              

-Rotational pasture raised with grass mix/alfalfa hay supplemented
Farm grown quality hay,  farm raised blended grain concentrate and vitamin supplements (including free choice kelp, selenium, and loose minerals) Our goats are fed organically grown grains (most of which we grow ourselves).

-ADGA herd appraisals done (scores available through ADGA)

-Mentoring offered to new goat owners.  It is important that all customers are happy with their new kids and that they receive the best of care after leaving our farm.

Our mission is to provide an environment and breeding program to produce top quality Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. 

Member of ADGA, AGS, NDGA  and WDGA

News in 2018….

Introducing  new arrivals to our herd  from Old Mountain Farm and Rosasharn  herds .  These new additions were selected to continue our goals for exemplary milk producers and excellent dairy conformation.  Please take time to look at the pedigrees and notes included on their page (Buck page and Jr. Doe page) to see why they’re so amazing and why they were chosen to join the Grasse Acres herd.  Also, credit and many thanks to the breeders Cheryle Moore-Smith of Old Mountain Farm and Anne Peterson of Rosasharn Farm  for producing such exemplary animals!

Old Mountain Farm Swift Hart (Sire: Old Mountain Farm Swift Elk X Dam: Old Mountain Farm Gazelle 3*M)

Old Mountain Farm Stag Dotter (Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Stag +B  X  Dam: Old Mountain Farm Leeloni)

Rosasharn Citrus Sangria (Sire: Rosasharn PLW Will Shakespeare *B  X  Dam: Rosasharn GX Shiraz 5*M  2017 Elite Doe List)

Old Mountain Farm Pajama Parti (Sire: Old Mountain Farm Tomo Quinn X  Dam: Old Mountain Farm Wild Parti)

2018 was a sad year for me having lost my 86 year old mom  after a long struggle with a  lung condition on August 21st.  When she began getting more seriously ill several months before passing away I found it necessary to make sure my priorities were in order and put some of my goat business on hold.  As a result I found it necessary to cancel our scheduled  Linear Appraisal, reduce the number of goats I milked, go from milking twice a day to once which also affected my milk test results and sacrificed some milk stars.  Some does were dried up earlier than they would have been which is reflected on the grid below their photos. I hired a wonderful helper to help through kidding season too and to guarantee I’d be able to be with my mom several hours every day.  I was happy to be able to make this happen to be able to care for my mom and spend more time with her. I just felt the need to mention this incase there were questions about why I did things so varied this year or questions about the milk scores. 

News in 2017…

Photo by Len Villano

2017 marks our 20th anniversary as Grasse Acres! Our little goats continue to bring us heartfelt joy as well as an abundance of sweet goat milk!

Also, new is an article on the “More About Goats” page on my website entitled, “Month By Month On Grasse Acres Farm”  It was written as a FAQ because so many new goat breeders wanted to know about preparing for breeding, kidding and milking.  I hope it is helpful and informative and please contact me with any questions you may have regarding  the contents.  I could write a whole book on this so please feel free to ask questions to clarify any info you read.

2017 ADGA herd appraisals were done in September.  Each doe’s score is listed under her name and complete score can be found on ADGA website.  I’m very proud of our results!  

In addition to DHIR milk testing with ADGA, we are also on official DHIR testing with AGS this year.  Results will be posted for this year in December when our testing is complete.  I’m happy to say most of our girls have already earned stars for butterfat and protein!  

 A special endorsement to my goat buddy and sister farm, Pam Murphy who has been sharing my website for the past 6 years and has now developed her own website under the herd name, Cedar Gate Farm.

News in 2016…

We are on DHIR milk test with ADGA!


Congratulations to Kim Roman on her doe’s success in the show ring receiving a Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion in Grasse Acres Ana’s first show!  Very proud of this and of the other show news we have received from others too! Love hearing about our kids!

News in 2015…

As of June 2015, Grasse Acres is a Wisconsin licensed mini-caprine dairy farm!      Milk is sold to the Door County Creamery in Sister Bay, WI     

BB and P

Future milk producers

Congratulations to Susan Kuha of Able Valley Farm!  Her buck, Grasse Acres Elvis, became a finished champion this year, 2015!!!!  His record stands at 3 grands, 5 reserves, 1 best of breed and 1 best of show!

Elvis 2012 June show

Photo by Susan Kuha

ADGA Linear Appraisal was completed on July 30, 2015.  We are very proud of our goats and were very happy with the knowledge and professionalism of our appraiser. We especially appreciated the time she spent with us giving feedback and answering questions! See the More About Goats page on this website to see information regarding understanding linear appraisal scores. We had to skip 2016 due to my son’s wedding being at the same time…priorities:)  

Lynne Walking with goats Grasse Acres Wisconsin

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